About Ororo

Information about Ororo Productions and it's current project: The Dunwich Horror.

Ororo Productions

David Dawkins

The umbrella name for work undertaken by David Dawkins, that has included short films, plays and workshops around the world, Ororo Productions expands and contracts according to its current geographical location and project.

Re-launching now in London, 2011, this organisation will oversee the production of the next great dark theatrical experience, H.P. Lovecraft's The Dunwich Horror.

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The Dunwich Horror

The script for this started out as a one man reading of the story, pared down a little to help it fit under two hours. Expanding the concepts of the production meant adding dialogue, which obviously involved expanding the cast and futher trimming the text. Other theatrical elements have been added to assist with the telling of the story, however, the overall idea was to stick as closely as possible to the original text. We feel we have achieved that goal very ably.