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The Dunwich Horror

In a lonely and curious part of the country - near a small, fetid village whose annals reek of overt viciousness, incests, and deeds of almost unnameable perversity - on a drear and remote mountain top, too rounded and symmetrical to give a sense of comfort and naturalness - a bitter old wizard sets about performing the twisted rites and horrific rituals that will bring about the doom of all mankind.

Populated by cast of wonderfully twisted characters, strange monsters and the eerily ever-present whippoorwills, The Dunwich Horror is considered one of Lovecraft's greatest tales. A brooding sense of something out of place, that builds to a terrific climax. The author himself considered the story " fiendish that [Weird Tales] editor Farnsworth Wright may not dare to print it."

The production

London Horror Festival

This production has been in development for over a year, from a script completed after extensive work- shopping. The premise was to keep extant as much of the text from the original story as possible, while opening up the piece to an engaging theatrical experience. The production will take place as part of the London Horror Festival at the Courtyard Theatre.


Pricing is set at £15 full, £10 concession. The show will run from 25th October to 6th November (not including Monday 31st October) starting promptly at 9:30pm and finish at 11:00pm.

Tickets will be available a month before the event. Join our Facebook page to be informed the moment they are available.

H. P. Lovecraft

H.P. Lovecraft

Text edited from Wikipedia:
Howard Phillips "H. P." Lovecraft (August 20, 1890 – March 15, 1937) was an American author of horror, fantasy and science fiction, especially the subgenre known as weird fiction.

Lovecraft's guiding literary principle was what he termed "cosmicism" or "cosmic horror", the idea that life is incomprehensible to human minds and that the universe is fundamentally alien. His works often challenged the values of the Enlightenment, Romanticism, Humanism and Christianity.

Although Lovecraft's readership was limited during his life, his reputation has grown over the decades, and he is now regarded as one of the most influential horror writers of the 20th century. According to Joyce Carol Oates, Lovecraft — as with Edgar Allan Poe in the 19th century - has exerted "an incalculable influence on succeeding generations of writers of horror fiction". Stephen King called Lovecraft "the twentieth century's greatest practitioner of the classic horror tale."